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  sonic daydream

Sep 30, 2018

Yes, people, it's that time once again... When Tom D. returns to inflict upon you the music he deems necessary... Prepare your tender ears to be penetrated by the sounds of... 


/ / Playlist: /


/ VON LMO: This Is Pop Rock /

/ THE CELLMATES: Everybody Wants /

/ TUFFS DARTS: All For The Love Of Rock 'n' Roll /

/ THE...

Jun 30, 2018

Due to the overwhelming response (not) to our last episode, tonight we once more dive into the world of first-wave West Coast punk! Enjoy the invigorating sounds of... 


/ / Playlist: /


/ X: Los Angeles /

/ CRIME: Frustration /

/ THE AVENGERS: Car Crash /

/ DEAD KENNEDYS: Police Truck /

/ THE DILS: Mr Big /

/ THE...

May 21, 2018

Tonight we visit The Golden State of California! Join us as we ride the first wave of West Coast punk that broke upon these shores circa 1977–1980... 


/ / Playlist: /


/ DEAD KENNEDYS: California Uber Alles /

/ THE WEIRDOS: A Life of Crime /

/ THE RANDOMS: Let's Get Rid of New York /

/ THE BAGS: Babylonian Gorgon...

Feb 10, 2018

Welcome to RadioXU... An hour of delightful music disrupted periodically by the utterly dispensable commentary of your host Tom D... Tonight we've got a mixed bag of early New Wave-era song picks... Dig the late-Seventies sounds of... 


/ / Playlist: /


/ THE CRAMPS: Human Fly /

/ BOOMTOWN RATS: Lookin' After Number 1...